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Item #: 27799
List Price: $4,800.00
Our Price: $4,800.00
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Air Lift is proud to introduce their all new height + pressure air suspension control system! Air Lift Performance 3H is the result of three years of development and testing. It is the most advanced product they have yet to create. 

Air Lift Performance 3H combines pressure-based control with ride-height sensing technology. While both types of air management have been utilized before, this is the first product to harness the benefits of both systems – instantly improving suspension control, performance, and vehicle ride flexibility.

  Key Specs:
- Controller - Features a brilliant TFT color display with adjustable backlight and illuminated preset buttons. Shown in the full color display is your tank pressure, 4-corner active height and pressure readings, as well as a full menu selection. This controller is lined with a black anodized CNC machined case that is also threaded in all four corners for custom mounting. To further allow custom mounting options the keypad can also be rotated and configured horizontally! Lastly this innovative controller is powered via a Micro-USB port and cable.
- Mobile App - Each 3H and 3P management system works with the Free mobile app with no additional hardware required to buy and install! Not only can you adjust your ride height and system settings from your smart phone via Bluetooth, you can now update the system software directly to the manifold and controller from the mobile app as well! 
- Manifold - The heart of every 3H and 3P system is most advanced state of the art manifold Air Lift Performance has ever created. Constructed using the best components and materials Air Lift could find, this system has also undergone rigorous torture testing to ensure this system will last for countless miles to come! Featuring a 32-bit processor that provides sophisticated height and pressure algorithms to give you the most precise control over all four corners of your vehicle. This system has also been designed to be installed as simply as possible with minimal, streamlined harness connections between the controller, manifold, and power supply. This manifold  has been fully integrated from the get go with built in Bluetooth eliminating the need for additional components and wiring to connect your mobile device to the system. Air Lift Performance has also included a built in accelerometer that can detect the movement of the vehicle and make extremely accurate adjustments to ride height at anytime using the height sensors or keeping your bag pressure in line with your pre-set values.
- Height Sensors - Air Lift Performance has created an improved and advanced height sensor arm utilizing a angular design which will increase the sensors life span compared to straight-arm designs. The wiring harness's for these sensors also have very small connectors meaning that you do not have to drill large holes, or any holes at all in your vehicle to route them to the manifold harness! Also included are fully adjustable sensor linkages that can be measured and cut to exact lengths to properly operate in the suggested range of motion in which a template is supplied in the installation manual. This kit is also sold separately for those with the 3P Digital Air Management System that may want to upgrade to full height and pressure adjustability in the future.
- Show Mode - Allows you to still manage your vehicles height while the vehicle is off either through the controller or over Bluetooth with your smart phone! 

Performance Series Front Suspension Kit:
(2) Fully Threaded, Damping Adjustable Air Struts with Double Bellow Bags
(2) Red Anodized Camber Plates
(2) Damping Adjuster Knobs
(2) Stainless Steel braided leader lines
(4) DOT Approved Fittings- Both 1/4 PTC and 3/8 PTC Spanner Tool
Anodized end caps
Corrosion-resistant paint on strut bodies
All Required Mounting Hardware
1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Detailed Installation Manual with Pictures

Performance Series Rear Kit:
(2) Fully Threaded, Damping Adjustable Struts
(2) Rear Air Springs
(2) Sets of Air Spring Mounting Brackets
(4) DOT Approved Fittings- both 1/4 PTC and 3/8 PTC
Anodized end caps
All Required Hardware
1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Detailed Installation Manual with Pictures

Kit Features:
- Height + Pressure 1/4" Manifold
- Air Lift Black Anodized Aluminum Display
- Fully Integrated Wiring Harness That Also Incorporates Compressor Power
- Necessary Fittings, Hardware, and Connectors For a Complete Install
- 3H Includes Rotational Height Sensors, Wiring, and Linkages 
- Air Lift Automatically Draining Water Trap
- Comes with choice of following: 2.5 Gallon Tank, 4 Gallon Tank with 5 ports, 5 Gallon Tank, or 4 Gallon Tank with 7 ports
- 60ft of 1/4" or 3/8" Air Line
- Viair 440c Compressor 
- FREE Smart Phone App Which Works on Both iPhone and Android Integrated Into the Manifold, No Extra Module to Buy! Both Iphone and Android app are currently available

AIR LIFT SUPPORT/DISCLAIMER: Because of the extremely custom nature of air ride suspensions, no installation support is available through PasswordJDM customer service lines. Though supplied with installation instructions, modifications will need to be made to the body, suspension, and other components of the car including running air lines and installing air bags. Suspension modifications may be needed on a case to case basis. If the included instructions are not sufficient to install your Air Lift kit, technical support is available through Air Lift's technical support lines at (800)- 248-0892. Additionally, all warranty claims and information from failed components are also handled directly through Air Lift on a case by case basis. (This is not a direct bolt in kit. If it seems that it may exceed your skill level, please consider professional installation.)

NOTE: Some applications such as the 06-11 Civic gives you the choice to use the factory rear shocks as part of the air kit in order to help save some costs; AirLift has tested with the factory rear shocks to ensure that you can safely use them with their kits so rest assured that you can purchase this option if you choose so.

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This item usually ships out in 3-5 business days from the original purchase date. 

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