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Item #: DC-AHC6016
List Price: $503.96
Our Price: $362.85
It's no secret that the most horsepower per dollar improvement you can do to your 2004-2008 TSX is to replace your stock exhaust manifold with a tuned header system. And a DC Sports dyno tuned and tested header will breathe new life into the performance of your vehicle. This allows you to take full advantage of the power that is all too often hidden away inside your engine.

DC Sports is the only aftermarket performance part manufacturer that utilizes CNC machined flanges on all their headers. They have made the investment in CNC machining centers to provide you with the best parts yor money can buy. All parts are made in-house so DC can control the quality of their products. DC Sports uses only mandrel bends in the construction and assembly assuring you the most efficient 4 into 2 into 1 design on the market today. DC features a two piece design and CNC machined mounting flanges with O-ring grooved secondary flanges (O-rings included) for a precise fit and seal. DC Sports 50 state street legal headers are designed and tuned to each specific engine application. No "universal" header systems are offered. With the installation of a DC Sports header, you'll feel a 10 to 14 horsepower gain over stock as well as increased torque throughout the RPM band

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