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AeroCatch hood latches are by far the cleanest looking and most functional safety hood pins we’ve seen on the market. There was only one problem when PWJDM decided to install these on our race cars…it was painfully hard to get a clean looking install. It took almost 5 hours to install the first set!

One of the major problems with mounting just the AeroCatch plus flush hood latches is securing the six mounting nuts underneath the hood. The conventional way of getting to the nuts was to cut a fairly large opening on the underside of the hood leaving you with a messy looking hole when you’re done. Worse is the stock bolts are so small (M4) that we were afraid they might just tear through the hood at high speed.

So our design team engineered the PWJDM Aero-Catch Mounting Plates. Designed to sandwich the hood between the AeroCatch plus flush latch and our mounting plates, you’ll be confident when you’re flying down the track knowing that your hood is secured better than with just nuts and bolts alone. On most hoods this kit only requires a small hole to let the securing stud to pass through the bottom of the hood. We’ve included easy to use alignment and cutting templates and a more thorough install guide to make sure you do things right the first time.

With the PWJDM AeroCatch Mounting Plates you’ll be saving a ton of time, making your car safer, and getting as near perfect an install as possible. Get these whenever you’re about to install AeroCatch® plus flush hood latches, you’ll be glad that you did. It’s a great investment
  • Easiest way of installing AeroCatch® Plus Flush Hood pins
  • Cleanest looking install when finished
  • Much stronger install than using just nuts and bolts alone
  • Cuts install time to less than an hour depending on skill level and available tools
  • Alignment and hood cutting templates included along with quick install guide
Installation Guide
Click here to download in .pdf format now (718Kb)

Alternate Views:
- Installed Top View
- Installed Bottom View
- Installed Side View

AeroCatch® hood latches are a product of Specialty Fasteners and Components LTD/UK.
AeroCatch® is a registered trademark of Specialty Fasteners and Components LTD/UK.

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