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Item #: PWCIS-APX-C10
List Price: $399.99
Our Price: $399.99
Some say power corrupts. Well that may be true in governments, but it’s all pleasure when it comes to your baby. Your stock S2000’s intake is $h!t, just look at it. Now look at this dry carbon beauty. It scoops in cold air from in front of the radiator, ahhhhh, coolness. Your engine will be happier breathing this cool air, and when your engine is happy; it gives you more power. So be a good owner and treat your baby right.
  • Scoops cold air into airbox
  • Super light dry carbon
  • All hardware included
Alternate Views:
- Front view
- Front air scoop view
- Right 3/4 air scoop view
- Engine bay top view

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