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Item #: PWCIS-APX-K10
List Price: $429.99
Our Price: $429.99
Some say power corrupts. Well that may be true in governments, but it’s all pleasure when it comes to your baby. Your stock S2000’s intake is $h!t, just look at it. Now look at this dry carbon / kevlar beauty. It scoops in cold air from in front of the radiator, ahhhhh, coolness. Your engine will be happier breathing this cool air, and when your engine is happy; it gives you more power. So be a good owner and treat your baby right.
  • Scoops cold air into airbox
  • Super light dry carbon / kevlar
  • All hardware included
Alternate Views:
- Front view
- Front air scoop view
- Right 3/4 air scoop view
- Engine bay top view

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