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Item #: PWBWD-VE1
List Price: $34.99
Our Price: $34.99
The PWJDM Rear Wiper Delete is more than just another simple basic product… for something simple and basic, you can go buy a rubber hole plug… that will probably fall off some day, or get taken by a punk ass too cheap to be honest. Like all the other PWJDM products, this product is also one that’s well thought out, well engineered, well manufactured, and well received… as well.

Being designed, engineered and manufactured entirely in-house here at HQ-PWJDM… is how we can make a better product than anybody else in the game. Like I said earlier… this is more than just a wiper plug. For such a small piece to have hardware, an optional O-ring seal and a backing cup for installation is beyond what most company would want to do for a product like this… we had some free time, and decided to make a product we all wanted to make… that seems to be the deciding factor on what gets made around here as of late.

This item is self explanatory… it cleans up the exterior of your car… why Honda would put a rear window wiper, and give us crank handles for side windows was beyond me… but now, you can actually remove the rear wiper and have that fresh clean look with the PWJDM Rear Wiper Delete.

In case someone has the balls to or is stupid enough to ask what this will do for you… peek at your cards once, hold a straight face, push all-in and tell them that the PWJDM Rear Wiper Delete is good for an additional 5HP and a slut or two down the ¼ mile. The punk ass will fold every single time.

Come and buy one now… available in all the usual cool colors PWJDM offers… except pink.

The V.1 Rear Wiper Delete Kit will generally fit wiper arms that originate on the metal hatch and we have verified that it fits the following models:

- 88-91 Civic hatch
- 88-91 CRX
- 96-00 Civic hatch


Remove the rear panel to access the rear wiper motor.
Remove rear wiper arm.
Remove rear wiper motor.
Clean area around exposed opening.
Install 6mm set screw into the PWJDM Rear Wiper Delete.
Test fit the PWJDM Rear Wiper Delete and align the nugget to the notch.
(you can use the supplied O-ring or use a sealant)
Decide if you want to use the supplied O-ring or just install it without the O-ring for a flusher look. *
Insert backing cup, install the nut, and tighten.
Go chase some hoes when you’re done.

*You can mount this with the optional O-ring seal included or you can mount it without the O-ring seal for a flusher look and use a sealant on the back side.

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