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List Price: $329.99
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The PWJDM Kamikaze Setup... It's The Ultimate Ruckus Steering System. Period!

That's it!!! That's the name... That's what it is... You won't find a cleaner looking integrated handlebar and stem combo from anywhere else. We here at PWJDM did the research for you already... If there was already a setup as killer as this for the ruckus scooters... We wouldn't have been wasting our time designing this. We would have just bought one for our bikes and called it a day... We would have made the same recommendation to you as well. It would have been a done deal, unfortunately, there wasn't one offered... Until now!:)

Made entirely in house here at PWJDM out of AL6061-T6... No corners were cut in the design, extensive testing, and manufacturing of The PWJDM Kamikaze Setup. It's the Ultimate Ruckus Steering System. This setup allows you to mount the bars in multiple fixed angle mount positions and you can also flip the entire setup upside down and get that inverted mount, flushed topside look. The Kamikaze setup allows you to clock your steering angle position to improve the ride-feel to your individual taste and not worry about slippage. You can also get this with either a 10” or 13” bar to accommodate different style brake masters and levers.

You won't find a better, more versatile setup at any price. Your killer looking Ruckus scooter is more than just a mode of transportation… it's a reflection of your personality. The way you fix it up, says a lot about who you are. So you better get this setup and show the world how badass you are… done!

  • Invert the setup for different look and feel
  • Revolver bar clamp clock the position and length of each bar
  • Two bar lengths available 10” and 13”
  • Set the grip and feel of your riding position
  • Improves looks, cornering and the overall ride feel
  • CNC machined from AL6061-T6
  • Available in many anodized color options

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