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Our Price: $69.99
OEM sway bar links are perfect, if your ride is bone stock. If you have ever lowered your car, upgraded the sway bar, or even change any other suspension component… The stock sway bar links might not end up being so perfect for your setup after all. When you change your ride height, you will also need to reset your sway bar position. Otherwise, you might as well take it off and toss it in the trash. Using a fixed position OEM sway bar link will not work. Our solution is nothing new, its been done in professional racing for years… What makes the Password:JDM Ultimate Adjustable Sway Bar links better than any other kit on the market is how ours are made. They re fully length adjustable and uses the finest materials. What we have seen offered by the competition are mostly junk by comparison.

Just like all of the Password:JDM suspension components… we use track grade, self-lubricating teflon lined spherical rod end bearings paired with stainless steel misalignment spacers and grade 8 hardware to match. Why teflon lined bearings? Why not… If you have the time to otherwise grease lube your bearings every week or so… Teflon is a damn good solution. It will cost us more to produce, but that doesn't mean you will have to pay more… And what you get in the end is a truly functional product that surpasses everything else on the market. The competition uses a base grade steel rod end bearing that's very inferior to ours. We machine the misalignments out of stainless steel and the fitment is precise… Most of the competition makes them out of mild steel and zinc plates them and the fitment is sloppy at best. You cant zinc plate and still expect a precision fit every time. And besides… Zinc plated mild steel vs. stainless… Is that even a question? So if you want a product that gets you by, go ahead and buy the competition… If you want the Ultimate setup offered in the market… Buy PWJDM!

The Password:JDM Ultimate Sway Bar Links can be used with any aftermarket Rear LCA.

- Track Grade, Self-Lubricating Teflon Lined Sperical Rod End Bearings
- Length adjustable
- CNC machined precision fit Stainless Steel Misalignment spacers
- Grade 8 hardware
- Works with all aftermarket LCAs.

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