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List Price: $49.99
Our Price: $49.99
Add Brake Push Rod Clevis?
Add Wilwood Master Cylinder?
Preface: The shittiest thing about this industry... Is that there is absolutely hardly any creativity! One company makes a simple part... And another dumbass from some off the wall place like arizona copies it exactly! Another joker somewhere less populated steps in... With one very very similar... And kept it very simple and he/she is out there waiving his/her hand looking for attention. Sooner or later, you have a market place filled to the brim with worthless ass crappy products... Then the industry goes to shit and people wonder why this market gets laughed at... Case in point... The brake booster deletes! All the ones I have seen to date are all shitty. They look like shit, fit like shit... Took some from 6 different companies, laid them all out... And the sad part was that I couldnt tell them apart from one another. Sure... They all work, and they all look stupidly similar to one another. I have always said... It there is a product that exists in the marketplace already and if we are to make one... It will be better! Much much better! It will definitely be better looking, and have some more functionality to it.

Introducing the Ultimate brake booster Delete Plate from PWJDM!

Its such a simple concept... Get rid of you brake booster to clean up the look of your engine bay. Tuck some wires and lines, keep it clean and simple. The concept is so originally JDM... Once you delete the brake booster... You will need a way to mount an aftermarket brake master cylinder... Preferably a good one like the ones from Wilwood! The Ultimate brake booster Delete Plate from PWJDM does just that and looks pretty trick compared to whats out there... Ours fits extremely well compared to everyone else. Heck... You can still retain the rubber dust boot on the backside of the master cylinder like it was originally designed to. We actually designed ours to be made on a CNC machine. Some of the ones currently on the marketplace looks like you can make inside of grandpas garage using his 1949 drill press and a coarse file.

We designed it to fit, gave it some shape, made it work and found a way to seal it without having gobs of silicone sticking out. We offset it a bit so that it doesn't rub with the paint on your firewall... What more do you want? Well... We priced it right at $49.95 so you cant complain about it being too expensive! For what it is... How its made, and how well its designed... Its a no brainer! Take what you have already and toss it. Get a quality designed product often only found from PWJDM and leave the junk behind. Do your car and yourself a favor. Rock PWJDM for life!

-billet AL6061
-Fits better than anything else out there!
-Anodized in various colors
-Engineered and built in the USA!
-standard 4 bolt mounting will fit many applications.

- 1994-2001 Acura Integra
- 1992-2000 Honda Civic

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