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Item #: 77.1003.SS
List Price: $773.00
Our Price: $680.00
The new Progress Coilover Systems for the 1994-2001 Acura Integra have been redesigned with improved shock dampening rates, modern foam-type bump stops, and less part content for a simple and durable sport suspension system. This is a perfect system for street performance, new track day and autocross entusiasts, as well as project cars with engine swaps.

THREE Competition Series II (CS-II) CALIBRATIONS ARE AVAILALE. They are explained below:

These kits use 350# front and 250# rear springs. This calibration rides well on uneven road conditions if set up at a reasonable ride height around 1.0" to 1.5" less than OEM. Expect a dramatic improvement in handling capability and steering response. This is the choice for sport-tuned "daily drivers".

STREET-SPORT - ORDER part # 77.0101.SS
These kits use 350# front and 350# rear springs. This calibration is more aggressive and transitions faster for the "sport" driver. Expect a dramatic improvement in handling capability and response, and some reduced ride quality. This is the great choice for "street and track day" multi-use vehicles, and vehicles driven hard on better (smoother) roads.

These kits use 350# front and 500# rear springs. This calibration has more grip, and is intended for use with "performance" alignment settings and sticky tires. If ride quality is a major concern, don?t go here because the stiffer rear springs make for an uncomfortable (choppy) highway ride. This is a more balanced and less forgiving setup intended for enthusiast track days and autocross events. This kit will also launch well for mild drag applications. Expect a huge improvement in handling capability. This would also be a great low-budget setup for new (road racing) drivers going to a (track) driving school.

For the sake of comparison, typical OEM spring rates for these applications are approximately 220#/in front, and 110#/in rear. With the numerous Civic & Integra applications, there is a range of spring rates, and these CS-II systems are significant upgrades from your OEM damper and spring calibrations.

PHOTOS SHOWN: -Complete system with trimmed bump stops installed on the dampers

-New foam-type bump stop kit can be trimmed to suit the application

-Installed on EF chassis (front) with the new brake line bracket (included)

-Front rate: 350 lbs/in --- Rear rate: 350 lbs/in
-Front drop: 1" to 3" --- Rear drop: 1" to 3"
-One year limited warranty

-Actual product may be different than pictured
-Kit does NOT include the black OEM top hats. This kit is designed to reuse the OEM top hats. See instructions below (PDF).

This item usually ships out in 1-2 business days from the original purchase date.

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