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SPC Performance was founded in 1972. When Frank Bigelow purchased the company in 1975, the product line consisted of 16 hand tools. The tools were manufactured and shipped from 300 sq. feet of warehouse space. The company was incorporated in 1975 as Niwot Corporation/DBA/Specialty Products Company. Unable to incorporate as Specialty Products Company because there was another Colorado company with a similar name, Mr. Bigelow chose Niwot Corporation and the Indian Head Logo to honor Chief Niwot, an Arapahoe Indian Chief who had befriended the early settlers that farmed in the Boulder Valley.
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SPC Performance Camber Rear Suspension Cam Bolts
Price: $29.29
SPC Performance Camber Kit Rear Adjustable Arm Infiniti / Nissan
Price: $102.96
SPC Performance Camber Kit Front Upper Arm Infiniti / Nissan
Price: $472.45