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Item #: 72260
List Price: $102.96
Our Price: $102.96
The 72260 Adjustable Rear Arm for the 2007 G35 offer maximum adjustment for camber and toe. This is the perfect kit to adjust rear angle for optimum handling and to maximize tire life, adjusts camber+/-4.0 degrees and toe +/- 3.0 degrees. Use the 85125 rotary files to elongate the OE toe slots.

Rear Adjustment range: Camber ±4.00 degree Toe ±3.00 degree
Installation time: .6 hr/side
Required: 1 kit per wheel

Nissan: 2002 & Up 350Z
Infiniti: 2003 - 07 G35 Coupe, 2003 - 06 G35 Sedan
Infiniti: 2007 & Up G35 SedanApplications:

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