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Item #: 305-05-0220
List Price: $698.24
Our Price: $698.24
Skunk2 leads the way in K-Series engine development. Skunk2 K20A2 camshafts are the direct result of our K-Series drag racing and road racing efforts. Tuner series cams for K engines feature Fast Ramp and Amax profile technology which allows us to significantly increase overall performance and unmatched response from idle to redline. These camshafts feature ultra high-strength hollow iron alloy camshaft cores and cutting edge profile design. In addition to all of our project cars and race vehicles, Skunk2 K camshafts are being used by top road racing and drag racing teams worldwide.

Tuner Series camshaft profiles are less aggressive than our Pro-Series Camshafts and are designed to place more emphasis on idle quality and emissions. Tuner Series cams use the same high quality cores as our Pro-Series camshafts and are ground on the same CNC cam grinding machines equipped with CBN grinding wheels. Tuner Series camshafts are ideal for both daily street driven and racing engines.

The Skunk2 Advantage:
SKUNK2 AMAX TECHNOLOGY Profile designed to maximize area under the lift curve without compromising reliability and valvetrain stability. The Skunk2 profile has more duration than competitors at lifts above 1mm resulting in greater efficiency and power.
SKUNK2 FAST RAMP TECHNOLOGY 1. The same camshaft design technology used in F1. 2. Designed to reduce seat timing and build more torque 3. Carefully designed to not damage valvetrain parts 4. Allows engine to build additional cylinder pressure.

Stage 1: Street/Race cam designed for stock engines with bolt-on modifications. Also good for supercharged applications and aggressive turbo applications. Upgraded valvetrain recommended, but not required.

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