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Item #: 222210
List Price: $19,900.00
Our Price: $19,900.00
Tomei is dubbed to be the "Grandmasters" of the SR20 Engine. Tomei has been building and tuning SR20s since the day it was released from Nissan. With over 2 decades of experience, you can be assured that these built Tomei motors can withstand any abuse you can give it.

Tomei Genesis Engines comes with the base long block only. This series of motors does not come with all the auxiliaries and/or accessories found on the Derive Series Engines. The Genesis series motors are for end users who wants to have their own custom setup. For those who wants to run higher lift camshafts and bigger turbo setup, the Genesis series SR20DETs would be the best way to go.

FRSport now brings to you Tomei built crate motors. These are motors that has been built from Tomei from the ground up. Why waste your time looking for a used reliable motor and spending countless hours and money building it up. Get one built for you from Tomei and just drop it in and take it to the track! Specs for this model follows:

Tomei Complete E/G SR20DET S14 Genesis Phase 2
Bore X Stroke: f86.5×91.0mm
Displacement: 2138cc
Piston: TOMEI Forged f86.5
Conrod: Tomei H-Beam Forged
Crankshaft: Tomei
Camshaft In/Ex: Tomei Poncam Type-R
Head Gasket: Tomei Metal (Bearings)
Valve Springs: Tomei PBB
Rocker Arm Stopper: Tomei
Metal (Bearings): Crank-Nismo / Conrod-Tomei
Conrod Bolts: Tomei H-Beam Forged
Head Bolt Washers: Tomei Strengthened
Oil Pan (Sump) Tomei Larger Capacity Oil Pan
Thermostat: Nismo
Water Pump: Nissan Genuine
Ornament Plate: Tomei

All Tomei motors goes through extensive and complete engine work procedures.
Procedures include:

Engine disassembly, washing and parts inspection
Dummy head attached for boring/honing
Head balancing
Block surface correction grinding
Crank warping correction and balance (TOMEI perfection)
Connecting rod balancing (TOMEI perfection)
Valve timing adjustment (as for PONCAM adjustment being completed)
Valve clearance adjustment (solid type cam adoption type)
Valve grinding
Seat cutting
Seat ring step attaching correction
Valve set long adjusting
Valve guide upgraded (4G63 excluded)
Compression ratio adjustment
Head cover painted and special coating
Block painted witha special coating (SR20 excluded)
Simple bench starting verification (DERIVE models only)

**Made to order, please allow 6 to 8 weeks build time from Tomei factory**

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