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List Price: $2,499.99
Our Price: $1,999.99
Another super rare, iconic wheel we have to offer, the Work RSZ-R 15x7 4x100 +35 in White. Tires are Continental Conti 185-55-15 with good tread remaining. These are the ultimate in lightweight forged wheels, weighing in at a mere 11lb per wheel! On top of that the design is a 2 step lip which helps gives it a pronounced fat lip that in those days was rare to find in a FWD wheel, so this is a wheel that was well ahead of its time. The wheels are in great condition, basically near mint with the exception of one small scratch on one of the spokes. The stickers are all intact and in good shape which is very rare to find with this wheel! If you are a JDM wheel whore like we are, you cannot let this set pass your collection!

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