We had to go Dry Carbon! -all because Wet Carbon (Fake Ass Carbon) is so PLAYED OUT!

For a lot of people, Carbon Fiber is Carbon Fiber… That’s what’s wrong with this industry. Monkey see, monkey do… well, we’re not a bunch of monkeys… we’re PasswordJDM!

Carbon Fiber is such a great material capable of so much. It takes a true craftsman with all the right equipment and a great amount of experience before you can turn Carbon Fiber fabric into a worth while product that has all the properties that Carbon is so known for. This is where PasswordJDM differs from everybody else in the industry. Our maverick ways naturally have led us down this path. We had to step up the game… We had to go Dry carbon… -all because Wet Carbon is so PLAYED OUT!

The two main processes of producing carbon products are Wet Carbon and Dry Carbon. The real difference is that Dry carbon is more than just the bling that’s been served up in the industry for the last ten or so years. Dry Carbon is functional, ultra light weight, and is truly how carbon fiber products were meant to be made. Obtaining maximum weight reduction and superior strength are some of the advantages of Dry carbon. The cost is a lot more, but it’s well worth it for us. As for Wet carbon, it’s all bling, very minimal in strength, relatively heavy and PLAYED OUT! PasswordJDM is proud to be the first in the industry to offer Dry Carbon. Produced just like the panels on professional race cars such as Formula-1, IRL, CART, LeMans, as well as many other series. Our Dry Carbon pieces are individually hand crafted for the quality level you would expect from us. Just like anything else, PasswordJDM will always strive to be the first in the industry or to be on top of the game in everything we do.

Our Dry carbon is produced with the use of a closed mold system cured at a controlled temperature under vacuum or in combination with high pressure in an autoclave. The resins (aerospace epoxy) requirement typically exceeds that of Wet Carbon by a margin of ten to one. The Costs difference is also ten to one. The strength factor of Dry Carbon exceeds that of Wet Carbon by a margin of at least ten to one. Dry Carbon doesn’t crack the way Wet Carbon does. Dry Carbon weighs a fraction of what Wet Carbon weighs. This alone should matter the most. Let’s face it, we’ve done our homework. Having a background in composites and the wherewithal to go beyond the distance has brought PasswordJDM to this point.

Wet Carbon (aka: Fake Ass Carbon) can be done relatively easily. If you can patch up a hole in Jacuzzi, you can do Wet Carbon. Chances are you can do Wet Carbon in your backyard. There isn’t much experience or equipment required for Wet Carbon. It’s cheaply done in third world countries for next to nothing. We won’t offer it under the PasswordJDM name. The resin used in Wet Carbon is the same polyester resin you would use to patch up a cheap swimming pool or a boat. It’s heavy, crude, cracks easily and should be worthless to anybody who knows or cares about quality.

What kind of carbon do you want? WET OR DRY... the choice is definitely yours. If you want the best, give us a call or ask for PasswordJDM at your favorite speed shop. If cheap bling is all you care for, buy it from someone else.

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