Dyno Proven 11.6rwhp!

Its official! The PWJDM S2K Dry Carbon Ram Air Induction Intake system has been dyno proven to make 11.6rwhp. Dynoed over the weekend at Erick’s Racing here in Southern California. Fortunate for us, the conditions here in southern California were about as ideal as it gets on that particular day. We chose Erick’s Racing because of his reputation in the industry. He runs one of the faster cars here in Southern California. Hell, even TODA makes a B-Series CAM for the guy. He’s a stand up guy with a solid reputation and a solid facility that turns out some of the fastest street cars, and besides… he’s only 20mins away. The test vehicle was an unmolested and unmodified red 2005 S2000 with low miles that was previously owned by a 55+ year old cougar with a light foot. She must have been a hottie in her days to have been driving this cherry red S with the top down mostly. I don’t think she ever ran this car above 5000rpm. It was perfect all around and we had to have it. In my opinion this bone stock engine is very strong and healthy.

The ambient temperature during the time of testing was a nice 76 degrees with a cool onshore breeze outside. The Elevation was at near sea level. This is probably the most beautiful part about living life in Southern California. The problem we faced while trying to dyno this intake was how to simulate the vehicle in motion. Without this, a Ram Air Intake System cannot be dynoed accurately. Our solution was to find a suitable fan that blows enough air to replicate vehicle being in motion. It would have been wrong for us to find the largest fan possible and custom build a shroud that forces every cubic inch of air into the scoop, we were temped, but in the end… it would not have been accurate. We thought it would only be fair if the fan used was large enough to simulate a 60-80mph wind. Another problem we had was the amount of electrical power available at the dyno center. Not knowing what kind of power was available, we had to go with a much smaller size 22” single phase 115volt fan that moves approx. 5500cfm positioned from about 24” in front of the car. This was a setback, but at least it gave us a base for all future testing. Nevertheless, the end result for the day was 11.6rwhp at peak, and approx. 12.5hp gains at mid range(4000rpm). We were very happy with the results.

It was proven a long time ago that Ram Air Intake Systems makes power. We knew this, our designer knew this. He was designing Ram Air intake systems for professional racers long before he joined the team here at PasswordJDM. The PWJDM Dry Carbon S2K Ram Air Induction Intake System makes power! We have the most optimal design with the largest scoop of any intake system currently on the market to date. Some have questioned the intake duct’s size as being too small. Well, to explain it easily, calculations were made based on the size of our scoop, the amount of space we had to work with, the displacement of the engine and how much air it needs to breathe properly… and our design as it stands was the best and most optimal we could come up with. End results both on the dyno and the streets shows that this intake makes power and that’s all that really matters!

Intake Photos:
- Front view
- Right 3/4 angle view
- Left 3/4 angle view
- Engine bay top view
- Engine bay 3/4 angle view

Dyno Graph:
- Click here to view the Dyno graph

Additional information:
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