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PasswordJDM’s New Hunter GPS9700 Road Force Wheel Balancing Machine

Password:JDM Tire BalancerWhen you buy a wheel and tire combo from PWJDM, what you get is more than just wheels and tires. You can pretty much get that from anywhere… What you do get in addition to your wheel and tire is a total diagnostic and balance, that’s state of the art and can only be achieve on the latest Hunter GPS 9700 Road Force balancer with Smart Weight Technology. This latest and greatest machine is much better than the balancers from only just a couple of years ago. This entirely new system virtually guarantees that your wheels and tires are about as balanced as technology can ever achieve. The road force balancer is more than just a balancer, it’s a diagnostic tool which can help you solve vibration issues even before you can complain about them. It works by measuring both the runout on your wheel and offset matching it with the runout on your tires. It’s a very expensive machine, but here at PWJDM, it’s a small price to pay to ensure that our customers get the best service possible.

Password:JDM Tire BalancerThe NEW Hunter GPS 9700 Road Force Balancer is light years ahead anything the competition has to offer. The Road Force technology simulates an actual road condition by using a contact roller to simultaneously seat the tire bead and measure road force vibrations which causes drivability issues. What this machine is capable of is solving vibration and tire pull problems that normal balancers can’t. By measuring the runout on the wheel and matching it with the runout on the tire, you eliminate the “shimmy” associated with tire pull conditions. Let’s face it, no matter how perfect the wheels were machined, you cannot compensate enough for the relieved stresses within the alloy. This goes for both forged and cast wheels. This slight variation is called runout on a wheel. Every wheel out there is essentially an “egg shape” while every tire out there is truly an oval with high spots and low spots. What the GPS9700 does is marks the optimal high spot on the wheel and marks the optimal low spot on the tires and tells the operator to “match” those marked spots to reduce the road forces which causes unwanted vibration issues. The difference is compensated with a minimal amount of weight added usually in only one location. All the other balancers out there without this “Smart Weight” technology, balances in a minimum of two planes. The latest GPS9700 is the only machine that can achieve this in 1. That’s the difference in our machine and everybody else’s.

Password:JDM Tire BalancerThere is a reason the Hunter GPS9700 balancer is exclusively approved by Bentley, Rolls Royce, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Porsche, VW, Lexus, Infiniti, Maybach, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Cadillac just to name a few… this is because it’s the only machine available that can truly balance a wheel and tire. And in all honesty, if it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for us and it should be the only option you choose when you buy a set of wheels and tires… buy them from PWJDM!
Most places would charge upwards of $160.00 to balance a set of tires on a Hunter GPS9700 Road Force Balancer with Smart Weight Technology. Here at PWJDM, we wont charge you anything extra… it’s a value added service just because you bought the wheels and tires from us. You can rest assured that your car will drive smoother, handle better and last longer than ever expected. So if you’re out price shopping, and you find another vendor selling wheels and tires for the same price or slightly less than us… just remember the incredible extra value of the state of the art precision balance and peace of mind that is included absolutely free exclusively when you buy them at PWJDM! No other company can say that, and no other company has your back.

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