It took a while, but now were back where we started… Back home in the LBC. We built this business into the enterprise it is today… then we brought it back home. PasswordJDM has finally come full circle. Being on top of the industry has its perks… also has its share of pains. We always found a way to outgrow our space, this is both a gift and our curse. In the last 11 years… we had to shut it all down and relocate 5 times already just because of growth. Again, it’s a good thing, but it’s also a real pain in the ass with a fair amount of hiccups! Anyhow, let me introduce you to the new PasswordJDM, located right next to the 405 in the bad ass city of Long Beach, CA… AKA the LBC!!! When you are cruising along the 405 frwy between the Lakewood and Cherry exits, next to the American RedCross, you’ll see our new facility.

Occupying 35,000 square feet of floor space on an 85,000 square foot campus, we finally got everything we ever wanted… the warehouse, CNC dept and Dry Carbon Fiber composite production facility all in one place… we now even have room for a race shop finally. We will probably stripe the lot some day and have a short course for karting. You can expect a few new things to come with all this growth, we will be a bigger badder and more efficient company. Come 2014 and beyond… you can expect PWJDM to still continue to dominate the game, and trend set it even more… we will always be forever grateful to all of our loyal fans and customers. Without you guys, it would not be as fun. This is exactly why we still do what we do to the caliber we do it to… Lets be honest, the competition can’t touch us. Kicking the competition’s ass every which way from Sunday is getting boring honestly… so we are going to step it up in more than just one direction.

To kick off our new location… we will coincide our grand relocating sale with a black Friday sale!!! We’re gonna call it a Super Black Friday Sale!!! For the first time ever… and probably never again, we are going to offer a 20% discount on everything PWJDM that will run until Monday AM, Dec. 2nd.  Certain items will be offered at up to 40% off as well. Quantities are limited to stock on hand. Thanks for the continued support and remember… Its JDM4Life!!! Its PWJDM4Ever!!! It is what it is!!! Ride or die!!! And forever always pop VTEC for all the diehard JDM enthusiasts out there.

The power of the sun will always have Password's back!

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