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Honda Tuning (Volume 08, Issue 07)

Check out the September 2007 issue of Honda Tuning to see the Password:JDM / Andrew Horn Honda Challage EK Civic cover feature!

Honda Tuning (Volume 08, Issue 08)

We let the Honda Tuning cameras into the Password:JDM Carbon Composite manufacturing facility for an in depth look on how we do carbon!

Honda Tuning (Volume 09, Issue 02)

Be sure and check out Waldo Duarte's Password:JDM sponsored ITR-converted DC2 Integra; it's good for 500 hp and is daily driven.

Honda Tuning (Volume 09, Issue 02)

Be sure and check out Marco's Password:JDM sponsored JDM EF8 Right Hand Drive CRX!

Honda Tuning (Volume 09, Issue 08)

Check out the latest Honda Tuning issue for a complete explanation of what diffusers are for and how they can benefit you!

How It's Made

Password:JDM Car Gallery

We have created this car gallery as a tribute to our customer cars, sponsored cars, and our own shop cars.

Password:JDM Coupon Codes

Check here for current coupon codes available at Password:JDM!

Password:JDM Dry Carbon

Find out what Password:JDM Dry Carbon is all about!

Password:JDM Dry Carbon S2000 PowerChamber!

Check out this sneak preview of the soon to be released Dry Carbon S2000 PowerChamber Intake System!

Password:JDM S2K Dry Carbon RAM Air Induction Dyno

Its official! The PWJDM S2K Dry Carbon Ram Air Induction Intake system has been dyno proven to make 11.6rwhp. Dynoed over the weekend at Erick’s Racing here in Southern California. Read more.....

PasswordJDM’s New Hunter GPS9700 Road Force Wheel

What you do get in addition to your wheel and tire is a total diagnostic and balance, that's state of the art and can only be achieved on the latest Hunter GPS 9700 Road Force Balancer with Smart Weight Technology!

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Project Car (Volume 01, Issue 06)

Check out the latest project car build brought to you by Password:JDM! Watch a junk yard EF hatchback be transformed into a sick JDM whip!

Solid Tower Bars

Our bars are individually hand crafted in-house from 6061 aluminum. It's the strongest aluminum bars in the market and far exceeds the competition in both form and function.

Sport Compact Car (Volume 20, Issue 03)

Get behind the wheel with Andy Hope in the Password:JDM sponsored H2 Honda Civic! In this article you will follow Andy Hope through his experience at the NASA National Championships.

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